Nym had lived on the streets of the Fenksworld hive for as long as he could remember, begging, stealing and scavenging. In the filthy, toxin-infested underhive, mutants were common, and the skinny three-eyed kid drew no particular attention. Until one day, when he bumped into one of the gang bosses, a former imperial navy NCO, that actually happened to know what a navigator was, and how much such a slave would be worth on the black market. Without further ado, Nym was chained and thrown in a cage.

He was eventually bought by the pirate lord Jerran and in the course of several years Nym managed to rise from a navigator apprentice at the very bottom of the food chain to Warp Guide and 2nd in command of The Jolly Inquisitor¸Jerran’s flagship. Obviously, his ascension involved quite a lot of bribery, backstabbing, treason and even several suspicious ‘accidents’. But that didn’t worry Jerran much, as he was ruthless and devious himself, and cunning was something he could respect. Also, he was certain he understood Nym’s motivation well enough, and that all the navigator wanted was wealth. So he made sure the Navigator earned more than he could possibly imagine. A lot more. Their happy relationship came to an end the day the interests of Jerran and a Dark Eldar battlefleet clashed. The pirate lord’s fleet was performing one of their usual slave raids in one of the systems at the edge of Imperial space and they had just finished overwhelming the ground defenses and started rounding up the population when a Dark elder fleet entered the system, probably with similar intention. Despite Jerran’s shouted orders from the planet ‘s surface to stand and fight, none of his captains was willing to risk the 3 to 1 odds especially since the Dark Eldar’s cruelty to prisoners was legendary. So one by one the priate lord’s flit slipped into the Immaterium leaving him stranded.

The captains then decided to split up and Nym ended up with The Jolly Inquisitor. He was captain for less than 2 months because, as good of a pirate and tactician he might have been, he was certainly not a great leader of men. His own officers turned him over to the Imperial Navy for a substantial amount of Throne Gelt.

He was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment on a penal colony, but, ike most things in Nym’s life, that didn’t last all that long either. Less than one year passed when he was co-opted into a daring excape attempt by a group of Manufactorum workers that had been convicted of minor tech-heresy. The escape succeeded, but Nym discovered that the outside world was somewhat less hospitable than a year ago. Jerran had, contrary to all expectation, survived the Dark Eldar encounter and was out and about seeking revenge on all the captains that had abandoned him.


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